About Me

Hello, I'm Simon

Thank you for taking an interest in my photography. I've been passionate about taking pictures and creating images since I was 13 years old. My first camera was a manual film camera and I had a make-shift darkroom in my parents bathroom. I used to spend hours taking pictures and developing the film and prints - much to the annoyance of my parents. Depsite the smell of the chemicals, I loved it. I found it fascinated to watch the picture appear in front of my eyes as the developing fluid did it's stuff. I was hooked.

Throughout my life and photographic career I have been lucky to photography such a wide variety of subjects; that along with developing a well rounded photographic skill set, it gave me the opportunity to find my true passion and favourite subject. Photographing people. I find it easy to photograph people as I am quite a sociable person and it's all about connecting with someone when you want to create a portrait photograph.